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Our Vision

  To be the leading organization in the exhaust production with high quality, environmentally friendly and product diversity.

Our Mission

  To meet the demands of the exhaust system for present and future
  To maximize the production in harmony with our suppliers and employees
  With improving technology. to keep the quality at upper level and to produce environmentally friendly products

Quality Policy

 •   Producing high-quality and reliable products
 •   Enhance customer satisfaction
 •   To improve the quality and reduce costs with continuous optimization
 •   To develop our business processes in accordance with the expectations and the change of our day
 •   Providing higher quality materials by integrating with our suppliers, to minimize the damages resulting in the production of material
 •   Producing without damaging the environment and environmentally sensitive
 •   To motivate Ankara Exhaust family participating in quality management with the main goals of our company and to strengthen this motivation unceasingly


  ANKARA EXHAUST AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY & TRADE CO, LTD. started its business life in 1990 with ANKARA brand, by using dkp plate and pipe and by adopting as the principles:
1- Quality production
2- Environment friendly production
3- Product diversity
4- Costumer Satisfaction
5- After sales service

  ANKARA EXHAUST, with a fundamental change in its products, named the brand as WESTAR in 1993 and became the leading companies in the sector with its quality by using aluminum coated material in its plates and pipes. The new factory, built in 2008, takes space 5000 m2 and with CNC machines which provide high production capacity, more than 50 employees and its dealers over 1000, its exportations, its quality products to the main automotive producers, being supplier, its reorganization in 2008 has proved its quality and power as a pacemaker.

About Us

  Our company operates since the 1970s and is a long-established firm which formed by coming together the four small business place work as an automobile exhaust service in 1992.

  Our brand is patented under the brand name WESTAR and has TSE (TS 8646) Certificate. We distribute the majority of our production in domestic with the marketing network which we set up. We export the exhaust systems also in abroad.

  To keep up with developing technologies we closely examine and develop a new exhaust system by adding new molds and machines in our constitution. With our experience we have had from the past, producing quality exhaust systems, we are proud of to be the first in Turkey. In the future, we always aim to develop our thoughts at high level.


  Ankara Exhaust Automotive Industry & Trade Co, Ltd. has a large dealer network throughout Turkey with its marketing staff who works without making any concessions from honesty, respect and trade ethic. It proves its power with its exports in abroad and its dealers more than 1000.

Production and Quality

  Our company which proved its quality with WESTAR brand performs its production according to TUV EN ISO 9001:2008 standards. Its annual production is over 200,000. Warranty period of the exhausts which are produced with the approval of the Ministry of Industry is 2 years.